What Does Being Human Mean to You?

It was fortuitous for me yesterday to open a package that was sent to me some time ago from the College of Family Physicians Singapore. In it was a very nice book titled “Being Human – Stories from Family Medicine”. It was to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the College and contains many touching stories about the doctor-patient relationship. I would like to commend all family physicians who have provided primary healthcare and contributed to the well-being of Singaporeans.

What does “being human” mean to you? To me it means, among other attributes, to be compassionate to our fellow human beings and countrymen. Compassion is the founding value of Progress Singapore Party, personified by Dr Tan Cheng Bock, our founding Chairman. Compassion provides the inexhaustible energy that drives him to strive for the good of citizens, to be the voice of the disadvantaged and downtrodden.

“Being Human” means to possess that compassion to speak up for the disadvantaged minority. True democracy can only come about if the majority always retains that compassion for the minority.

In this respect, PSP is wholeheartedly committed to “being human” in our pursuit of betterment for our country and our people. Singaporeans deserve better.

For Country For People


I was watching a documentary on child abuse in Korea with my wife just now. My wife was very angry about the parents and step-parents who have perpetuated the abuse. But I told her the neighbours and the apathy of society are also to be blamed. We should always be alert and be ready to protect the minorities among us. True democracy is for upholding the rights of the minorities and not the tyranny or privilege of the majority.

Let us also not blame our doctors for not speaking up on the Covid or our lawyers on FICA, it is the people that have decided that this is the kind of country they want. We cannot expect so many altruistic people to stand up and sacrifice for the others. There is a timing for change which depends on the heart of the people and not just a few opposition politicians.

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