Ushering in 2021: Fixing Structural Problems in Society Must be Priority

As we enter the new year, I wish the lives of all Singaporeans and friends are improving steadily. As we suffered throughout 2020, we have also been learning and we should have by now a better idea of how to deal with Covid-19 and the New Normal created by it.

With more knowledge, economic activities will pick up from the bottom and we will experience a technical rebound soon. We, Singaporeans are a tough people. Tough times never last but tough people do so we are down but not out. We are ready to fight another day.

But the way we choose to fight the next battle is also very important. If the Government really believes that we are in a New Normal, then it should review its policies and strategies in more depth because more of the same kind of policies is unlikely to help us breakout from the New Normal.

This is because even before the outbreak of Covid-19, our economy and society is already experiencing structural problems. With limited alternative information, most Singaporeans have relied only on the Government’s narrative to grasp the logic of situation. However, that is constantly at odds with the reality around us.

With a closer look, it is not difficult to see that our meritocratic system has changed drastically with times. The so-called foreign talent policy has exacerbated that. Now, our meritocracy is no longer a social equalizer but a social divider. There is a need to revamp the system.

I hope to actively present my ideas in Parliament on how to do that. I also look forward to your feedback and guidance so that our collective wisdom can turn the New Normal into a New Era for our country. I have no doubt we can do it.

Hope this is reason for a Happy New Year. Enjoy.

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