What I'm Fighting For

Singaporeans – our parents, grandparents, you and I today – have fought boldly through tough times to build Singapore into a prosperous nation. But all our hard work and way of living is being carelessly torn apart by poor policies conceived by a government that is out of touch with our everyday lives. These are the causes I fight for as a parliamentarian, to improve the lives of everyday Singaporeans.

Because Singaporeans deserve better.

Good Jobs for Singaporeans

Our economy is thriving. Yet, young Singaporeans find it hard to get good jobs, while wages are being depressed. This must change.

Protection of Citizens' Rights

Singaporeans strove hard to build Singapore into the prosperous nation it is today. We deserve to be treated fairly and not simply be relegated to mere economic digits.

A Fairer Distribution of Rewards

Singapore’s national reserves are huge and growing steadily. Yes, we save for future generations, but we must also nurture and care for Singaporeans of today. We can afford to.

A Better Quality of Life

Despite our growing economy, Singaporeans face tremendous stress. To alleviate this, we must preserve what's left of our "garden city", and nurture creativity and critical thought.