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Songs that Strike the Right Chord

pTunes – meme for the win! The PSP has quite a few songs. I’ve picked two by Francis Yuen that I like very much because of the story behind each of them. Share them with your friends!

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March of Change

If you want a brighter future, you’ve got to make a change! March of Change was the rallying call driving the PSP’s maiden election campaign in 2020. The party was less than a year old when we were thrown into battle. We needed talented Singaporeans to step up. Singaporeans who were committed to the same vision – building a Singapore that progresses with compassion.

March of Change asks all of us to look at the other side of Singapore – behind the gleaming skyscrapers and self-aggrandising monuments, our own people who struggle everyday  to shoulder the weight of rising costs and a leadership that casts them aside as economic digits in the cold pursuit of economic growth at all costs. That leadership is supposed to care, isn’t it?

I believe that March of Change is a reminder that we must not turn a blind eye to the plight of our own people. More can be done. Change can be gradual, but it must start somewhere. That somewhere has to be now.

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The Palm

Oh boy, times were tough after GE2020. From the Covid-19 pandemic, to the current spike in cost of living, stagnating wages and the labour crunch. 

I’ve listened to these concerns on all the frequent PSP walkabouts. People are anxious. One of saddest questions I’ve been asked many a time is, “How can I take care of my family?”. When I was trying to cope in my younger days living in a rented Chinatown shophouse room, I used to ask myself the same question. It feels very personal.

That’s why The Palm strikes a chord with me. Francis (who composed these songs) must have felt it too, growing up in the same impoverished Chinatown of the 1960s as I did and understanding the predicament of Singaporeans today.

No matter how difficult things may be, the PSP will be here to help. We will do our best, in whatever way we can. This is our promise. That’s also why the Progress Singapore Community Fund was started. We care, and we want to be of help.

Like in the song, together let’s push on and stay strong, and do what’s right for our country, and for our own people.