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Protection of
Citizens' Rights

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Olden day steamships were helmed by a captain, but it was the crew sweating by the burning furnaces shovelling coal that propelled the ship forward.

Similarly, while the steady leadership of Singapore’s first-generation leaders set the course for Singapore’s development, it is the hard work and never-say-die attitude of Singaporeans across the years that breathed life into our nation and sculpted the Singapore we know today.

Singapore has grown into a global economic powerhouse, but how much better off are our citizens? We rank among the highest in the world for social inequality. Our elderly find it difficult to retire with dignity. Our youth are struggling with rising cost of living, while they are additionally saddled with an unfair burden when it comes to national defence.

The admirals today have lost control of the ship, because they have lost their moral compass. It is time to set Singapore back on the right course, starting with ensuring that the rights of Singaporeans are respected and our values are upheld.

Singapore has amassed ample resources, and those ample resources must be fairly shared to improve talent development for our young, and care for our seniors during their retirement years rather than being profligately thrown at grandiose government projects.

While national service is a duty, our Singaporean men and their families should not be made to shoulder a disproportionate and unfair defence burden while foreigners who take root here can get away without contributing anything at all just because they are deemed by the top brass as ineligible.

I have spoken on protecting the rights of citizens in parliament, and in the articles I’ve written in my capacity as a parliamentarian. Please take a look at the speeches and articles below.