Progress with Compassion

Earlier this week, I visited Z with some PSCF volunteers after his case was identified through our ground activities. Z is single-handedly supporting his family of 6, including his elderly parents.

Z’s father has suffered from multiple health conditions and recently went for a spinal operation. Until last month, he was taken care of by his wife who helped him around in a wheelchair for various medical appointments and errands.

Unfortunately, his wife was recently hospitalized. Visiting her in hospital and traveling about to various medical appointments was difficult with his limited mobility. The family had requested for an eclectic wheelchair for him for him to live more independently.

Our grassroots network raised the funds to purchase an electric wheelchair for Z, who was happy learning how to operate it for his use. At 70, we were impressed by how sharp Z’s mind was when he discussed politics and other current affairs – and wish him all the best!

At PSP, we will always strive to help Singaporeans and ensure that no one is left behind.

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