Addressing Falsehoods Regarding PSP’s Living Wage Proposal

This is the message we want to convey to the Government on Minimum Wage.

We prefer to call it the Living Wage because there is a minimum level of income required for working Singaporeans to live. Just imagine you slogged for the full eight to ten hours everyday and still didn’t have enough to sustain yourself. We don’t call that civilization.

We don’t have a monopoly on Compassion but the alternative camp do have more than that of the main camp.

We actually believe that the introduction of a Living Wage will be a much-needed confidence booster for the economy. It demonstrates our confidence in our underlying strength and our resolve to move to a new economic strategy.

I also refer to Straits Times article on the IPS forum published on 22nd October 2020. In the report, our ASG Mr Francis Yuen was quoted to be against WP’s proposal for minimum wage.

This is not true and is a misleading interpretation of what was said. Our ASG did not say or allude to PSP being against minimum wage. The thrust of his comments is minimum wage will not drive up business cost as wages is not the only component that make up business costs. Furthermore, businesses should leverage on productivity to defray any increase in wages.

The PSP and WP are 100% aligned on the Minimum Wage or Living Wage issue.

The ST has printed its amendments which is attached below.

You deserve better.

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