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Good Jobs for Singaporeans

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Singapore’s education system is amongst the top in the world and, globally, Singaporeans rank amongst the most highly-educated. Yet, we see more young people struggling to secure good jobs. At the same time, wages are depressed to the point where they cannot keep pace with rising cost of living. Instead of opportunities further up the employment ladder, an increasing number of PMETs are facing premature retrenchment and chronic underemployment.

This stems from decades of the government’s flawed manpower policy with regards to foreign labour. As a result of the government’s “cheaper, better, faster” approach, more foreigners are displacing Singaporeans in key roles across several sectors of the job market. In addition, there is little incentive for firms to hire and groom our talented and well-educated Singaporeans for leadership and managerial positions.

The impact of policy flaws may not be felt immediately, but over time they will hurt Singaporeans. Families will face greater difficulty putting food on the table due to stagnating wages. Also, our youngsters will lack the necessary exposure, experience and on-the-job skills to one day lead Singapore, much less become globally sought-after corporate leaders.

A correct balance must be restored in the current job market – one which is driven by a Singaporean core, with foreigners serving in complementary roles. Only then will Singaporeans be able to truly cut it with the best and brightest.

I have spoken on securing good jobs for Singaporeans in parliament, and in the articles I’ve written in my capacity as a parliamentarian. Please take a look at the speeches and articles below.