Ensuring Affordable Homes for Every Generation

Hazel Poa Koon Koon 潘群勤 and I I thank all Members of Parliament from both sides of the House who have participated in the #PSPHousingDebate. While we may differ in our policy ideas and recommendations, everyone shares a common objective of keeping public housing affordable and accessible for Singaporeans.

In my closing speech, I addressed the concerns raised by MPs on the PSP’s Affordable Homes Scheme and Millennial Apartments Scheme. I also spoke about how realising affordable and accessible housing for every Singaporean is the wish of generations of Singaporeans who have made sacrifices to this cause.

Singapore is a global city-state, not a global city. In our global city-state, there is no countryside with cheap housing for Singaporeans if they cannot afford housing in urban areas. That is why it is vital that public housing in Singapore remains affordable and accessible, and the PSP believes the Affordable Homes Scheme and Millennial Apartments Scheme are the way to achieve this.

Let us work together as one united people to achieve a better future for Singapore and Singaporeans.

Singaporeans deserve better.

For Country For People.


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