No Elderly Singaporean should be Forced into Long Hours of Menial Work due to Inadequate Policies

I met this elderly brother during my walkabout at Boon Lay last Saturday afternoon.

He appeared lonely, so we approached him and talked to him. Then he livened up and told us he works as a cleaner in the mornings and his wife works at an F&B outlet in the afternoons. So they have little time together.

When we asked him how was he coping with inflation, he said he tried to eat cheaper food and fewer meals.

Many of our elderly and low-income brothers and sisters have to continue working in tough jobs because our policies do not provide adequate retirement income for them.

Despite their ubiquity, our government has generally been indifferent towards their plight.

If PSP can influence policy, we would ensure that no elderly citizens are forced to work because of inadequate retirement income. If we want to keep the elderly employed and active, we can give them less demanding jobs in the nearby neighbourhoods but not long hours of menial work.

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